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Magic Guarantee


We aim to give all our customers the same level of service and satisfaction, by ensuring we meet perfection.


We give 3 day’s guarantee with our Gel / Shellac manicures and pedicures, full set Acrylic / UV Gel and with infills as long as the original set was done by us followed by previous infills.


We would also like to remind our customers that we are here to listen and fix any kind of issues which arise, therfore please let us know of any issues in order to fix them.


Magic Tips


Please be aware if you are doing any gardening, washing or house work and you have Gel / Shellac on natural nails or nail extensions, try to wear gloves to avoid them chipping or lifting. Very important not to pick your nails or bite them!


Being gentle with your nails, especially if you have extensions because they are artificial nails and require more care, they should last you 2-3 weeks until your next appointment.                                                               The result of them lasting longer can also depend on your natural nails underneath and all comes down to the individual care because we all do different things and have different jobs which involve us using our hands.


If your nails are long or sharp on the edges which sometimes are not so easy to maintain we recommend getting in little early when it comes to infills especially if your nails grow fast.


Any sign of lifting, please take off the nails safely ONLY if you know how to remove the extension from your nail which has lifting. Since this can damage the nails and water can get trapped which can then cause an infection such as fungus. If you’re not sure how to remove, please feel free to pop in so we can repair or remove for you. Avoid removing if you’re not sure what to-do as this can result in damaging your nails.


Terms and conditions apply when it comes to repairs, in some cases if it’s over 72 hours we can honour free repairs depending on our nail technicians examining the nails.


OPI Gel Colour or CND Shellac is ideal for 2 weeks wear but all comes down to the aftercare, condition of your natural nails, and the growth of your nails. The same applies for Acrylic or UV Gel extensions, infills can vary but we recommend 2-3 weeks.


We are always improving our services, so always appreciate our customers feedback and always striving in giving a magic experience.


Terms & Conditions Apply For Booking Online:


50% Deposit required for booking any services online, refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of booking. If you would like to make amendments to your appointment time or date, we will need enough notice as possible on the day or 24 hours before depending on the service booked and for group bookings.


Depending on the client’s circumstances for changing or cancelling the appointment out of our 24 hours policy, we may still honour the 50% back as good gesture and in some cases may ask for further evidence in order to comply with the guidelines set by the government. Within reason, we can also move appointments depending on availabilities on the day and if your booking was booked correctly online.


We will do our best to get in touch with you to confirm the appointment a day before or on the day, if your busy and unable to answer we will leave you a voicemail if possible or a text message if you have provided a mobile number. You will automatically get a booking confirmation, followed by appointments reminders which you can add to your diary by using our email link on your booking confirmation.


If we are running behind due to a busy day, or many other reasons which caused the team to be running behind then we will do our best to notify you by calling, texting or an email confirmation but this may not always be the case depending on staff availability on the day but most of the time we are always well prepared and on time.


We always try to call or text if we have time during the day  to confirm the services selected are correct so there is no confusion and clients don’t have a bad experience.

This also avoids staff panicking, and putting in extra work load on the team which may affect the next clients appointment time.


To avoid this situations we try to get in touch with you before the appointment so if changes are required for extra services or extended time due to special requirements we are able todo it in advance and organise our diary accordingly.


We do our absolute best to give everyone the same level of customer service, but nothing is perfect so all we can do is try. Please respect our time, and we will do the same in return.


Looking forward to seeing you! Have a good day.


Any questions please feel free to call or message us anytime on 01923 518 769 or WhatsApp 07553 238 520.


Magic Nail Bar Team.